Thursday, April 3, 2008

Life is like a roller coaster

It has been a while since last I drop my story. BUsy. Yeah.. over and over again..actually takde la busy sgt.. buat2 busy..hehehehehss... lately byk sgt politics here. Buat serabut kepala makcik je. Aku sakit hati.. tapi nak buat cemana. Tercepit kat tengah2. Org mia hal.. makcik tak mao masuk campur. Tapi tak puaih hati ngn org lain, tak suka ngn kita and people being judgemental to others. Life is not fair. I truly believes in miracles. I trust God is fair. Only we never get what we ask for. Coz we always think that, what we ask for is the best for us. Actually when we didn't get what we ask for, God knows the best that it is not meant for us. Org yg tak cukup iman, masa-masa yg ceni la syaitan menghasut supaya org mengikut hasutan dia tuk join masuk ke neraka.

Sekarang ni time2 untuk bersabar. Aku doa evrything will be ok again. Back as usual. It will not be ok as what we want it to be, but at least better. Thats all. Life is like a roller coaster, sometimes we are on top,but sometimes we will be at the bottom. But theres always a rainbow shine after the rain.

Sabar la ek..

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