Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Masquerade Party 2010

Dah lama dreaming to be in a such party.

Sangat2 teruja sebab I was choosen to be among the committee members to organize my company's Annual Dinner. We vote for our theme, and my suggestion to have a Masquerade theme was accepted by most vote.. Wallah!! It's like dream come true... nakkk sgtt Masquerade Party!!!!!!

Sooo Excited ..and tak sabar-sabar for that night.
Then start to figure out what to wear for that night. Been weeks going up and down to shopping malls and going in and out 'kedai hantu' all around KL. ahhaha 'Kedai Hantu' I called it sebab kedai costume byk gantung topeng muka hantu! Kes nak carik accessories ngn baju nye pasal.. isk.. *mmg aku beria-ia sgt ooii.. hahaha

Once decided what 'to be' for that night, I drag bear every where here and there to search for the outfit. I admit, I did make a dicision quite too soon and trus grab je outfit from a costume shoppe without a second tought.. uuuwwaaaa.. on the other hand, I'm glad sebab I dun have transport, so when ever I get a chance people bring me to the costume shop, I've made up my mind and trus booked je.

Thanks to all my dearest Friend, Chik Moha, Keenot & Halda and also not to forget Bear who help me alot to make this happend!! Love you all to the bits..BIG HUGGSS

Pehtu mcm tak puas hati pulak! adoiyai.. *sebab ada jugak sorg nak jd CleoPatra for tht nite.. aisey.. takpe la..I've already work hard halfway..taknak tukar lah.then week by week gi carik baju and skirt pulok.. ahhaha luckily I'm very satisfied with what I found and paid for. ehhehe Berbaloi-baloi bak kate model iklan Celcom tu.. ehhehe

nuff said..layan lah ye pixie pulok..

Mask in the making.. carik sticker crystal sume sebab nak bg nampak cung la konon!!
Nie dia.. masa merepek malam-malam, melukis mask and tampal the crystal beads.

Then carik accessories plak. Nak jugak2 carik gelang ular lilit2 kat tgn. Clap..clap!!berjaya jumpa kat kedai 'Diva' Accessories and improvise sikit with the crystal beads I bought earlier for the mask.
* pixie masa ni tak igt nak amik gambar

Days goes by.. meeting almost every 2weeks or once a week .. smp on the 17 Mac gi beli hadiah lucky draw.. and I swipe for the 4th time a big amount to my Credit card.. hahahaha then claim balik laa kan OF COURSE!!

Not to mention here, few late nights of surfing U-tube nak belajar make up Cleopatra!! praktis..praktis..praktis make perfect ..haa amik kau!

Jeng..jeng..jeng!! on the day itself.. nie gambar masa aku tgh bersiap-siap nk jadi Cleo-Patah

Time nie dh siap menconteng mata..and also dress up well !! ahaks..
Tying up my blue cape and wig on

Tgk my ka chea hand busy pinning my head gear. Love u mucho!!

Siap-siap sume so here it is..Presenting the Cleo-Patah..!!! hahahaha..

Among all, I salute my GM, coused this is the 1st year with the company, and already show his support!! Coming as ...MASTER YODA... Chumel sangat2!! clap to give his speech

Also to other sporting Senior managers as well.. coming with all sorts of mask and costume.. BRAVO!! this is En Yusof with his wife. My lovely Onii-san (En Yusof's Secretary) and hubby Masato Tomato hikhik.. kidding!!

Upon Registration, I found The Firaun!! OMG!! Can never express my excitement..ahahha this is P' Pae (nama melayu dier Abg Husin).. and that night I announce the Cleo-Patah happily re-unite with her King Firaun


Before the event ended that night.. Cleo-Patah would like to capture the night at the Grand Entrance..

Korang layan laa gambar kemeriahan Masquerade party nie ok?

I'm happy cause the event went well and also 90% of the staff came along with costume and mask according to the theme. Jarang sekali ok staff-staff sini nak ikut tema!! Mak bangger ngn korang kali ni okeh!!

I wish i could share more pix.. hikhik..kat FB dh banyak.
I'm glad it went well.

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