Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sepang Super GT

18 - 19 Jun 2011

Last weekend had a chance to go for Sepang Super GT for the year 2011.
Kali ni I get a surprise visit from my honey bear with a GRANDSTAND tickets to watch the Race and Entrace to Femme Fatale party Dj by 4 hot Female deejay from Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia and who? ehehe sorry xsempat pegi dah letih sgt been there for the whole day.. Sangat sangat PANAS okeh! *sigh walaupon penat tapi tak mengecewa kan.
Mari kite layan gambar. Starting from Chinese drums performance to antics and sports car exhibitions.

Chinese drums performance by school kids.. *awesome :)

Kewl kan?!

Lamborghini for birthday?

Yeah baby you gotta choose only ONE! Me or GTR?..tabole tamakk okeh

Orange Lamborghini

Okeh yg ni garang! Jgn tak tau

perghh smart gila!

The one and only in Malaysia.California Ferrari! *Geram tgk merah dia

Last but not least, this is my new secret admirer and I wish I get one of this InsyaAllah

Till next Japan GT

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