Monday, December 31, 2007

Good Bye 2007 Welcome 2008

Last day of 2007. Tribute to myself, recap for the whole year activities.
Life is like roller coaster, sometime you are up, and sometime you are down.
This is my life and I ruled my own rules!! yeahh!!!


In memories

- January
Nothing much. New year celebrated in the car coz we were stuck in massive traffic jam. We celebrated under pedestrian crossing bridge @ Sunway. Huhuhu.. sedey tapi bole ler nampak bunga api, walaupn sipi2 je at least I'm happy to celebrated it with wonderful colours of lights at Sunway Pyramid entrance.

- February
Valentine, as usual..we are not so keen in it. So - so, greet each other and appreciated each other, just as remembrance of all the loves that we share. Then, Chinese New year cuti balik kampung. Raya kat penang, tak cukup tido bising bunyi mercun papan. :)

- March
Celebrate birthday my loves one. Give him a pressie (a perfume actually..Mont Blanc) which I loved it so much.

- April
On the 12 Apr 07, I bought myself 4 colourful of Guppy fish and kept in my office, as a stress therapy. I'm so proud of my fish, they (survive)last for almost 5 and 1/2 months. Huhuhu.. that was long enough for a fish to survive in my office. Wasn't really expecting it will die. Happy to have some friends in ur office when sometime u need someone to let go ur feeling. Coz in office u can't trust anyone. Not a single 1. That's my princip. Next, celebrate my birthday at Chilli's Bangsar and sing our heart out at Bangsar KTV. Thanks to Kakak, K/Nik & Abg for the best Birthday party I ever had. It's a small crowd though but it was great. And from my dearie I get to go of a day trip travel to PD. Heheheh, it was so great and romantic sunset view for my pressie.

This is my Birthday Cake.. lotsa fruits.. love it!

Time to make a wish....*blow the candle~~~~and........

- May
Celebrate My sis's Birthday. Didn't manage to have a big one, sorry sis but I try my best to catch up with her friend (K/Alinx, & K/Nik) and nak berkaraoke nyanyi ler sampai lebam. heheheh

- June
Tak de yang menariks.. just go on as usual. Makcik nih pelupa sikit.. tak ingat dah apa activity. Tapi rasa cam pegi makan angin Jalan- Jalan Carik Makan kat Bukit Tinggi.

heheheh...*here rabbit..come here rabbit...

- July
Tak banyak kenangan.. dah lupe...rasanya jln2 gi Taman Orkid & Taman Burung

- August
Sambut Merdeka kat Umah.. huhuhu... boring! Tengok kat Tv jer & dengar bunyi Heli lalu atas apartment..

- September
Birthday Mama. Wished her and give some cards and when back home and celebrate. Family tradition. MAKAN!!!!
Then pegi tengok Bungapi kat Putrajaya. World Fireworks Festivals.

- October
Hari Raya Puasa. Family Gathering at Kampung & last Hari Raya at my house. So next year we'll be moving.Huhuhu sedey.. gonna miss the house, which I grew up for almost 23years.

Not to forget Raya celebration @ my office. Memang happening.

- November
Busy Sgt2 with CPOC's Family Day preparation.

- December
Birthday Papa & Asyreen. Get Papa a friend name Bella (cute kitten) and unfortunately for Asyreen.. emmm I haven't decided yet nak bagi apa kat dia.

This is some of the pixie taken during my office family day 1-3 Dec 2007.

So that should be all my wonderful colours through out the year. How about yours?

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