Monday, December 17, 2007

IsaBelle Ginzel

IsaBelle Ginzel
Yesterday, it was so kind of my office college to come over to my place just to send my new lovely kitten. I called her Isabelle Ginzel. Short name to called her Bella. Dah lama sebenarnye berangan nak bela kucing. Dari kecik.. mom would said bulu la..kotor nanti dia "be***" busuk. Dalam hati mesti tak puaihati menjawab.. alah..mama be*** pun busuk jgak!" hehehhe tapi makcik tak berani said it out loud.Dlm hati je. Well dulu, i'm still under mom's controlled. Yelah..mkn minum suma PaMa yang tanggung.. so u can't say much when they said NO! rite? So now, dah berdikari, dah bole tanggung diri sendiri, I asked from my officemate sorang ni yg memang Crazy bout cats kan.. and secretly joking with her.."*** tak der ke baby kitten yang nak bagi?!! kite nak la satu..nak bela." For gods heaven i was so lucky she saids, there was a little one kept at Vet clinic which she occasionally goes, wanna give away this stray little one. At first i goes "dlm hati..ala stray ke?? kite nak yg persian" hehehhehe :P ada hati nak kucing mahal. Org nak bagi byk demand plak kan? I did ask her.."emm K/***, tak de ke yg persian, i suke sgt yg hidung penyet tu..hehehhe cam jambu tak de biji tu?" *sengih2 wat muke tak malu..."uh ah.. actually, persian cat susah nak jaga, normally persian they didn't give jual sebab mahal, lagi pun i bela suma yang stray."

*makcik terpikir dlm hati...nak ke? tak pe la.. the conversation stop smp situ je, pastu masing2 continue keje. Selang lerr beberapa hari pastu..she came and ask me, "U really want that kitten ke? sebab semlm i send my cat to the Vet and i told the Doc that there are some1 interested nakk kat kitten tu"..i go like *errgkh..okay.. she really2 convince me that, kitten tu cute sgt..and that fellar is active and playful.. sjuk gak la ati makcik... then she shown me the pix she took during her visits there. heheheh muka dia cute sgt..adorable. Makcik trus cair nak bela kucing tu... masa tu the cat was not as chubby as what she is the first time i saw her with my very own eyes. hehehehe.. makcik girangs sekals u ols! Trus la confirm with K/*** yang kite nak adopt the poor baby. Ok still waits for about a week and so, for skin treatments, then before she was taken, dah kene injection for vacsine.

So there comes the day my very kind officemate to take here back to my place. She went to the clinic in Hartamas, and bring her to my house. Huhuhu, i owed her a lot, she gave me every basic things for Bella. Potty tray, some sample for wet food, diet plan food and the food container. She has a lot and dont mind giving it to me. * yeyey..i only bought the cage, clumpy sand for her potty,and a play hut*from ikea(makcik redeem family day lucky draw vaucer) and some balls for her to play.
Sekali tengok je memang cute. SO makcik happy menyambut Bella as one of the family. Hehehe, she was called "Tia" from her Vet. I tot of Tia is oso a good name for her. But then i've decided to called her Bella from the start. Sebab... my loved car was called "Bell" sebab no plate dia "B.E.L" then happend to be we met with an accident, then the car was cought on fire, kire total lost, nothing was left from it, so we lost our beloved "Bell" so much, then abg dapat kereta baru..which is same model..but diff. colour, a very manja type of car and sometime meragam cam pompuan..we decided to called her "Belly" in memories of "Bell". So when it come to give a name to my cat, i choose to call her "Bella" so lengkap.. "Bell, Belly & Bella". Sebab Bella cute sgt, and kebetulan makcik baru je lepas tgk cite Enchanted, suke la sgt nama Ginzel. Sebab tu la Nama kitten nih "IsaBelle Ginzel" tuh nama penuh dia, tapi nickname called "Bella".
hehehhe..*makcik girang! Ada Name card okey!! jangan wat main2 okey. Makcik kekwat ney..stray cat pun bukan calang2 mia stray. Bulu ekor dia cam tulang ikan..bentuk cam sirip..nanti balik makcik snappy2 ekor dia.
*Happy Mondays..

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