Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Key to every women hearts is DIAMOND

I like it!! I loveee it so much in fact.
Nuff said.

Yang bole terbuka cita pasal DIAMOND nie sebab my BFF dah shout announcement yang dier dah nak tunang next year. CONGRATS dear. Hehehe.. lama dah tunggu kawan kita sorang ni.. last2 terpancul jugak berita gembira nie! M sooo happy for you gurl.

Si Emm ni adala tanya aku pasal DIAMOND..berapa harga.. besaq mana.. haih.. carat tak carat la.. so here, I do make some reasearch and Google about the most precious stone yang suma orang idam-idam nak sarung kat jari manis time engage and akad.
Listen carefully Emm ..this is what you shud noe
*..and this is for everyone too..info about berlian. Happy Readin' peeps
DIAMOND Clarity - nie di nilai dari ciri bentuk fizikal batu tu secara luaran dan dalaman.

Natural DIAMOND nie terbentuk secara semula jadi, therefore tak lari dari 'Flaws' (luaran) and "blemish"(dalaman). "Flaws" nie lebih kepada, bentuk fizikal batu tu sendiri,akan ada permukaan yg tak rata naturally, ada juga bila dipotong akan ada permukaan yang tak rata or masa potong tu akan ada chips kat mana2 permukaan batu tu.

Secara dalaman, ada 2 ciri "inclusions" or "blemish". Sekiranya ada benda2 lain atau kejernihan dia tercela.. maka it is called "inclusions". Lets say dlm kandungan batu tu sendiri ada kandungan bendasing atau bubble or any kind of stain colour it is called "blemish".

I love this, "Inclusions" are the nature's finger print and make every DIAMOND unique in it's own way. Some can be seen with naked eyes, some are not. The fewer the impurity..the rarer the stone will be.
Courtesy of the link above.

Itu yang buat harga DIAMOND tu lebih mahal. Get it?
That's why DIAMOND ni..akan ada Gred. Meh baca apa plak gred-gred batu paling mahal ni.

P1-P2-P2 : Inclusions visible to naked eye
VS1-VS2 : very small Inclusions
IF Loupe clean: Internally Flawless, minor surface blemishes - its clear from impurity, tapi suface of the DIAMOND is not smooth. Kalau batu tu tak smooth surface dia, it will effect the reflection of the DIAMOND.
SI1-SI2 : Small inclusions
VVSI1-VVSI2 : Very very small inclusions
and finally
FL Loupe Clean : Flawless...batu yang sgt jernih(<---haa ini yang kita carik!! tapi kene sedia duit yer sayang) belom cukup syarat lagi. ni baru kejernihan batu je..byk lagi..lepas nie kita tgk plak Cut of DIAMOND
too much isit??
Takpe.. simple je.. now
The cut of a DIAMOND rely on the professional. The precision of cutting a DIAMOND will effect the Fire and Sparkle of the DIAMOND. Sebab tu akan ada perfect cut and imperfect cut of a DIAMOND. Perfect cut akan ada cert and normally it will cost you a hole in your pocket. *wink
To have better view of perfect cut of a DIAMOND, kene tengok bawah lense. You will be able to see the arrows or the hearts shape. Only happen to the perfect cut DIAMOND sajer okeh!!. Imperfect cut DIAMOND you will not able to see the line. Akan nampak multiple lines and dia tak kan jadi straight or symmetry.

Here are some popular cut of a DIAMOND would shine at it's very best..


The most important, is the Carat. The weight of a DIAMOND is expressed in carats. Zaman dulu-dulu before ada standard unit of measure, the ancient weight the DIAMOND with the seeds of carob tree. Sekarang nie it is already fixed one carats equals to 0.2 grams (one fifth or a grams). One carat is divided into 100 "points". A 25 "points" DIAMOND is describe as quarter of a carat which selalu orang kat kedai sebut-sebut tu kan 0.25 carats..I'm sure now you OoooOOoos understand.. kan?

The Colour of a DIAMOND
Mostly DIAMONDs appear colourless. Still there are precious stones appear in tinges of colours, light yellow,brown, pinkish and purple pink.

Here are 4Cs for you to remember:
  • Clarity
  • Carats
  • Cut
  • Colour

Wallah...Simple rite? So lovey couples out there enjoy your time with your partners, go check out your precious stone. Now it is year end sales. Banyak jewelery shops giving out big offer. Good deal if you wanna buy it now. Next year mungkin the price will be slightly higher.

*Pssstt April babies.. did you know your birthstone is DIAMOND??!! heheheh how lucky..caused I am April baby!!

Info : Only Diamond will be able to cut a Diamond.


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