Monday, November 30, 2009

Amcorp Book Fair

Kakak told me bout this..
Since today I went back early from work today, I've decided to drop by just to have a look. Since I've 1book in hand that I haven't finished reading. Not planning to buy more.

The expo was on the third floor. Walking around, browsing hundreds of book i shud say.. only one catch my eyes. My heart jumping to have it. The price?? Harga runtuh.. RM 8 jer. Grab the book and quickly wanna go home. Im so excited to start reading sampai lupa nak beli dinner.
*sigh..kenyang buku cerita je la kan?

Tanggungjawab kena tunai dulu. Abis jer exam..aku target nak abis kan baca 2-2 buku ni. 1 that I've just bought and the other I bought earlier at MPH.."The Time Traveller's Wife"

Hmm.. happy reading!

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