Friday, September 11, 2009

Berbuka Puasa di Paddington House of Pancakes

Since dah dekat 1week and more tak jumpa bear. He's been very busy outstation to northen region sites project.Jarangla nak cakap tepon pon payah. If he would call at 12midnite, tp sebab dh letih sgt2, balik umah dah tertido. Tak sempat nak call pon. He promise me that nak blanja makan. When he came back, bear bawak aku gi midvalley. Tak tau nak makan apa. I let him decide. Konon nak makan Tony Roma's lagi. Tp sebab penuh sgt and ramaii orang, we try nextdoor. Paddington House of Pancakes. Sedappp!!! Especially the desserts. Memang menggoda iman. I would definitely recommend if you would like to dine here, try their desserts. Tak rugi & tak mengecewakan. This is our second time dining at Paddington. Will definetely come again. Aku nak mkn steakkkk dia!!! Menyesal tak mintak steak..aku mintak seafood apa ntah tak igt nama dia...tapi sedapp gak.. meleleh cheessszzzeeee dia. Fuhyoo! Messy abih! Layannnn~~

For her..

Ai eat this.. served piping hott!!..

Look at that.. can swim oo.. in that pool of chhheeezzzee!
*Matila diet!

For Him..

This is called Monaco.. Im craving for thisss!!! Sedapp tak hinggatt. uwaa nak yg nie.

Served with melted butter. Simply delicious.

Ice lemon tea..=) thirst quencher

It is time for Dessert!!!

Look at that!!

Whipped cream! Strawberry, banana, peach, pineapple, raisins & almonds..not to forget some honey..(bear letak dun need, too shweet oledi!!)

Harusssla kan?? Dessert dia Marvellous.. so muka aku kena ada kat tepi.. hahhaaa

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