Sunday, September 6, 2009

Berbuka Puasa With Georgians @ Sutra

4 September 09

Georgians who resides in KL we gather at Sutra D'curve for berbuka puasa. Enjoy and had a blast moment with the girls. Excited jumpa diorg nie, especially shina yg gila-gila, wat aku ketawa tak kering gusi. Dah 10years we left school(high school). I'm very-very happy that we put everything behind and gather here and had fun like no other. Enjoy seeing you guys. Same goes to the Iftar with Georgians in Penang. Seronok sangat. This year I had a chance to join both, majlis berbuka puasa. Hopefully this will continue and we'll have this lil gathering from time to time.

Me & Lart

There's up & down in friendship. No matter how good or bad your friends are, you people who are the closest to me. She's there in my childhood memories. Let's forget our past and build new beginning. Hope you'll forgive and forget those sad and torns memoirs. I really do hope I could be the bridge that will connect us together again.How I wish.

Bergurau senda, gossip, update each other on latest story, pastu gelak-gelak lagi..
We move to McD for our next pit stop. Hehhehee

Im happy to be called a friend. Happy to have friends around. Even you are not close, but there's one for you to called one. Sunyii oooOOooo takde kawan. Lost contact with them before. Hopefully, we'll keep in touch even we are not as close *wink

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