Monday, August 10, 2009

MIMC Event - Melaka

At first I dunno that bear took me out for MIMC event in Melaka, sebab dia nak kena outstation for one week. =(

So the event was good, tp minus the crowd. Tak happening mcm kat Bukit Jalil. But I still enjoy the show. After quite sometime tak tgk drift, so it's more like a refreshing event over the weekend. Nothing much, It was hot and fine day. We start with Heavy breakfast sebab nak jln jauh.. mkn McD kat tol Sg Besi.

We arrive about lunch time. Dah abis qualification round. Ok la tu kan? Later masa best 16, ada suiso battle.

Yg nie masa Suiso battle..*sigh jauh sgt.. tak nampak.. My phone camera only with no zoom.. uuuwaaa sedey.. I need camera!!!

Nampak tak???...uuuuwwwaaa.. *even..i cannot see it in here.. tp real life best wooo

kalo tak cayer...Tgk muka bear yg happy dpt tgk drift!

Sekarang dh maju, ada tag lagi. Mcm gi genting... heheehee..

Later after 5pm, event habis, kami sama-sama kelaparan.. jln2 kota Melaka carik kedai mkn.. huhuuh time nie lapar sgt, dh tak sempat nak shoot gambar kedai mkn tu.. Lepas mkn trus off we headed back to KL around 7.30pm.

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